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Privacy & Ranch Policy

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Table of Contents

1. Personal information & Privacy 8. Rebel Ranch Web Site/email
2. Sales 9. SPAM
3. Information we Collect 10. Copyright © Information
4. Payment 11. Ranch Security
5. Shipment 12. Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol
6. Refunds 13. Hunting
7. Testimonials 14. Ranch Visitation

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1. Personal Information & Privacy:

1.1. Your privacy is important to us. To better protect your privacy we provide this notice explaining our information practices.


We treat your information like we want ours treated.

1.2. Your personal information is PRIVATE! All information we receive from you (name, address, billing information, etc.) and all transactions shall remain confidential!

1.3. We shall NOT sell, release, or give your information to anyone!

A. The only exception, is when we are served with proper legal documents issued by a Court of Law governed under the statutes of the State of Colorado, or United States Federal Court.

B. Rebel Ranch, a Colorado Corporation, complies with the laws of the State of Colorado and the United States of America.

C. We comply with the guidelines and requirements of certain certifying agencies and organizations we are a member of.

D. We do NOT respond to, nor comply with any other entity, neither foreign nor domestic!

1.4. Regardless of where you reside, ANY and ALL court actions we are forced to take for ranch business, such as recovering money owed us, or for any other reason, shall be conducted within the court system of Canyon City, Freemont County Colorado, or the Federal Court closest to Canyon City Colorado.

1.4.1. In addition to the settlement owed us, All court costs, legal fees, lodging, fuel, meals and any other expense we incur in the case, shall be reimbursed.

1.4.2. If we meet with you to discus, or collect fees owed us, any costs incurred for travel, meals and any other expense we incur in the case, shall be reimbursed.

1.5 Our Commitment to Data Security is to prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy and ensure the correct use of information. We have put in place appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect from you.

1.6. Protecting the privacy of the very young is especially important. For that reason, we never collect or maintain information at our website from those we actually know are under 13 years of age.

1.7. To ensure the privacy of your information, all backed up data is stored offsite in a secure facility and is transported by Armed personnel. No one will have access to your data. Is this over kill? We don't think so. We take your privacy and the security of your data very seriously!

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2. Sales:

2.1. Orders and requests for our sales items can be made;
A. On the phone. If you receive voicemail, please leave a message. Include your phone number and the best time for us to contact you.

B. By e-mail. Please include your phone number and the best time for us to contact you.

C. Using our on-line shopping cart, when installed.

2.2. All sales items are listed on our web site Sales page and are constantly changing. Because of this, we do NOT publish a catalog. Check the Sales page of our web site for the up-to-date information.

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3. Information we collect:

3.1. The following information is collected on initial contact:
A. Name/Company

B. Contact information, ie phone number

3.2. The following information is collected for every sale:
A. Shipping address

B. Payment information

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4. Payment:

4.1. All payments shall be in United States Dollars. There are No exceptions!

4.2. Online payments via our web site using Debt and Credit card payments shall be set up in the near future. When we are set up with a Merchant Account to accept credit cards, additional information will be posted here.

4.3. For telephone and in person orders we will accept Cash, Money orders, Cashiers checks or Certified bank checks made payable to Rebel Ranch. Shipment will be made after the payment is received. We apologize for any inconvenience, but due to problems in the past, we are unable to accept personal checks. If you send a personal check, it will be returned to you and your order will not be processed.

4.4. If service has been performed and/or merchandise delivered and payment is denied for Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF), any NSF fees the bank charge us, will be passed on to you with an additional charge of $25 plus legal fees incurred in recouping money owed us. See 1.4.1. and 1.4.2. above.

4.5. Any court actions we are forced to take to recover money owed us, etc. shall be conducted within the court system of Freemont County, Colorado, regardless of where you reside.

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5. Shipment:

5.1. Orders are normally packaged and shipped within 5 business days (or less) of receiving payment confirmation.

5.2. Due to the amount of orders received between Thanksgiving and Christmas, it could take up to 10 business days to ship your order. We shall strive to make your shipment as soon as possible. Because your satisfaction is very important to us, please allow us the time to ship during our busy season.

5.3. You will be advised if your order is backordered, or the shipment is delayed. We have no control of your order once it has been delivered to, or picked up by the shipping company.

5.4. ALL on-line and mail order items are shipped via UPS! These shipments are based on weight and Zip code. At this time, shipment via the US Postal Service (Post Office), is NOT an option!

5.5. All shipments shall have a return receipt so we can track them. When ordering, please include your e-mail address so we can inform you of the tracking number when we ship your order.

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6. Refunds:

6.1. If you are not satisfied with the products you purchased from us, please contact us within 5 business days of delivery.

6.2. Returns must be authorized in advance if you wish to receive a refund.

A. Contact us for a "Return Authorization Number" within five (5) business days of product delivery.

B. The Return Authorization Number expires within five (5) business days of issue. If the item to be returned is not shipped within this time frame, returns are no longer authorized and there are no refunds.

C. No returns for refund accepted after five business days of delivery.

D. The tracking number shall be used to determine the delivery date.

6.3. There are NO REFUNDS on eatable products; honey, fruit, nuts, etc.

6.4. There are NO REFUNDS refunds on consumable products; lip balms, soap, etc, unless unused, unopened and our packaging safety seal is secure and unbroken.

6.5. There are NO REFUNDS refunds on beef taken to the processing plant (Butcher).

6.6. Please note: Shipping costs are NOT refundable and return shipping is at YOUR expense.

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7. Testimonials:

7.1. If you use our services or purchase our products, we would like to encourage you to send us your Testimonial to be placed on our web site.

7.2. Please limit them to about 200 words, or less.

7.3. To protect your privacy, you will remain anonymous. Unless you authorize the use of your first and last name, you shall be listed as one of the following (your choice):

A. First name, city and state

B. First name, last initial, city and state

C. First initial and state (or if no choice is made)

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8. Rebel Ranch Web Site/email:

8.1. Our Rebel Ranch website is structured to be acceptable for families and persons of any age.

8.2. rebelranch.net automatically forwards (redirects) to rebelranchcorp.com. It's set up that way, because it's easier to remember rebelranch.net and there are fewer letters to type.

8.3. We are using @rebelranch.net for our company email.

A. If you receive email from any other domain, it is NOT from us.

B. If we change email domains, the domain name shall be posted here.

C. See number 9 below for our policy on SPAM.

8.4. It is against our company and personal policy to send any pop up/under advertisement with our web pages. We don't like them and refuse to use them.

A. We do NOT use, or authorize any pop-up, or pop-under advertisements of any kind with our web pages.

B. When clicked, some of the photos and some of our information pages open in a pop-up window.

C. We don't like using cookies. However, there will be cookies for the on-line shopping cart system, when it is installed. There could also be cookies from a link, or links on our web site. Unfortunately, we have no control over these cookies.

8.5. On-line payments (when set up). In order to pay by credit or Debt cards through our merchant account, or PayPal service, they will send a cookie to your computer. Please have cookies enabled, or you will not be able to make purchases from our web site using your credit card.

8.6. Please let us know if you are receiving any pop-up, pop-under, advertisement or other cookies while viewing any of our pages, as they are NOT from us.

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9. SPAM:

9.1. It has come to our attention that our e-mail address has been circulating on SPAM messages. They are NOT from us.

9.2. It is against our company and personal policy to send any unsolicited e-mail (SPAM) to anyone. We consider it a poor business practice, in bad taste and a total waste of everyone's time. We refuse to do it and do NOT authorize the use of SPAM of any kind from our ranch!

9.3. If we have an ongoing business or personal relationship with you, we could from time to time, send you an e-mail, text or snail mail message with updates on our products and services.

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10. Copyright:

10.1. Unless otherwise noted, all photographs displayed on the Rebel Ranch web site are Copyright © :

A. By JD or Twila (ranch owners and photographers). These photos are owned by the photographer. All rights are reserved.

B. Or, by third parties and used with their permission.

10.2. Some items and information on this web site are copyright by others and used with their permission.

10.3. No Copyrighted information, including photographs on this web site is to be copied or distributed without permission from the copyright owner.

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11. Ranch Security:

11.1. Video and Audio monitoring:

11.1.1. Is in use in ALL areas of the ranch.

A. Complies with State of Colorado laws.

B. Shall NOT be sold, or given to anyone!

11.1.2. Exceptions to 11.1.1.B above:

A. Shall be given to Law Enforcement and our attorney when necessary for criminal investigation and prosecution of incidents occurring on the ranch.

B. When we are served with proper legal documents issued by a Court of Law governed under the statutes of the State of Colorado, or United States Federal Court.

11.1.3. Shall be used to monitor the livestock and ALL activity on the ranch.

11.1.4. By law, specific areas are excluded from monitoring. [these areas are not listed here]

11.1.5. Except in the areas referenced by 11.1.4. above, there is NO expected right to privacy while on Rebel Ranch property.

11.1.6. Areas such as, but not limited to the following, may be streamed live over the internet for educational purposes.

A. Apiary (Bee hives)

B. Calving areas

C. Wildlife trails

D. Other areas to be determined (TBD)

11.2. Consent to Video and Audio monitoring is automatic and unconditional:

A. By entering Rebel Ranch property, you automatically and unconditionally consent to being recorded by our security camera and audio monitoring system.

B. By being within the viewing range of the camera in the areas streaming live over the internet, you automatically and unconditionally consent to being recorded and broadcast.

11.2.1. Since consent is automatic and unconditional, if you do not wish to be recorded by our video & audio monitoring system, or broadcast over the internet from the locations with active webcams, do NOT enter the Ranch property!

11.2.2. While on the ranch, remember to Smile. You're on Rebel-Cam!

11.3. Security Systems

A. ALL ranch buildings.

B. Access roads, driveways and perimeter alarms.

C. Additional security items and locations not listed here.

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12. Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol:

12.1. Rebel Ranch is a Smoke and Drug Free Zone

A. Smoking and Drugs are PROHIBITED on Ranch property and in Ranch vehicles.

B. There are NO designated smoking areas on the ranch! If you must smoke while visiting, exit the ranch property and do it on the dirt road!

12.2. Alcohol is PROHIBITED on the Ranch, except at specific ranch functions.

12.2.1 After consuming alcohol, the following are OFF LIMITS

A. All pastures!

B. Ag-buildings, barns, storage sheds, feed storage areas and out-buildings! Basically, every building on the ranch is off limits, except where the specific function is taking place.

C. Ranch equipment!

D. The animals and bees!

E. Other areas To Be Determined (TBD)!

12.3. If drinking alcohol, drink responsibly and have a designated driver that is NOT drinking alcohol!

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13. Hunting:

13.1. Effective 1 November 2018, ALL property owned by the Rebel Ranch, is CLOSED to hunting.

13.2. No hunting on ranch property!

13.3. No parking on ranch property to hunt in the state wildlife area located across the street!

13.4. No Trespassing!

A. Violators shall be arrested and prosecuted!

B. Violators vehicles shall be towed at owner's expense!

13.5. Do NOT call, email or knock on our door to ask for permission to hunt, or park on our property. The answer shall be NO!

13.5.1. We are not against hunting

A. But for safety reasons, we don't want anyone shooting on the ranch near our animals and buildings!

B. All areas of the ranch are used for grazing cattle.

1. There is nothing available to be used as a parking lot for hunters!

2. We don't want the responsibility, or liability for hunter's vehicles on our property!

3. The tires and weight of the vehicle causes damage to the grass and ground!

4. Some vehicles leak fluids, which make an area unsafe and unusable for grazing!

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14. Ranch Visitation

14.1. Visits are by appointment only!

14.2. To prevent disease transmission to our livestock, All visitors are required to comply with our Biosecurity procedures while on the ranch!

A. Bodily fluids and manure from other cattle can contribute to the spread of disease within the herd, or to another herd if carried on our boots or clothing.

B. Biosecurity is required to prevent disease transmission between ranches and individual groups of cattle on the same ranch.

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We reserve the right to modify, change, add or delete information contained in our "Privacy and Ranch Policy" at any time.
Should you have any questions or concerns about our privacy and ranch policies, please contact us.

Additional information will be posted as it becomes available.

This page modified 4 April 2021 @ 0805 Mountain

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