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6,000 feet above sea level

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Advisory to Rebel Ranch Visitors

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Barbed wire and electric fencing is in use on the ranch.

To prevent disease transmission to our livestock, ALL visitors and their vehicles are required to comply with our Biosecurity* procedures while on the ranch!

Why, you ask?
  • Bodily fluids and manure from other cattle can contribute to the spread of disease within the herd, or to another herd if carried on our boots or clothing.
  • Biosecurity is required to prevent disease transmission between ranches and individual groups of cattle on the same ranch.

  • [*opens in a pop-up window]

    Video and Audio monitoring is used in ALL areas of the ranch.

  • While on the ranch, remember to Smile. You're on Rebel-Cam!
  • Except in the areas where Video and Audio monitoring is excluded by law, there is NO expected right to privacy while on Rebel Ranch property.
  • Video & Audio monitoring Legal Notice [opens in a pop-up window]

    Rebel Ranch Corporation, it's Managers and Ranch Owners are NOT liable, or responsible for any of the following:

  • Injuries received from the animals of the wildlife area!
  • Stings from our Honey Bees!
  • Stings and bites from other insects and snakes!
  • Injuries received from the cattle. They are big and heavy and you should NOT be near them!
  • Injuries you caused, or did to yourself!
  • Injuries received from the barbed wire, or electric fence!
  • Splinters from the wood fencing material and trees!
  • Injuries received from the thorns of the cactus on the ranch (there are many)!
  • Injuries or accidents while going to, or from the ranch!
  • Others to numerous to list here.

  • Alcohol is PROHIBITED on ranch property! Do NOT bring it in without permission from the ranch owners!


    Alcohol is ONLY allowed at specific ranch functions and in a designated area!
  • After consuming alcohol, the following are OFF LIMITS:
  • ‣ All pastures!
    ‣ Ag-buildings, barns and out-buildings!
    ‣ Ranch equipment!
    ‣ The animals and bees!
    ‣ Additional areas To Be Determined (TBD)!
  • If drinking alcohol, drink responsibly and have a designated driver that is NOT drinking alcohol!

  • NO HUNTING on Rebel Ranch property! (see Notice to Hunters *)

    Rebel Ranch is PRIVATE property. Trespassers shall be prosecuted!

    [* Notice to Hunters opens in pop-up window]

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    Due to health issues and wild fire danger,
    Rebel Ranch is DRUG and SMOKE FREE!

    NO smoking and NO drugs on our property!

    Smoking and Drugs are PROHIBITED on Rebel Ranch property and in our vehicles for the following reasons:

  • Even though some illicit drugs have been legalized in Colorado, we don't want them on the ranch, or in our vehicles!
  • Drugs are dangerous to use in the vicinity of:
  • ‣ Large animals!
    ‣ Ranch equipment!
    ‣ Barbed wire!
    ‣ Electric fencing!
    ‣ Bees!
    ‣ While driving!
    ‣ Others to numerous to list here!
  • Fire danger from smoking!
  • Butts are dangerous to the animals if ingested!
  • Smoking and drugs are unhealthy for people, animals and Bees!
  • The ranch owners/managers don't smoke, or use drugs and they don't want it on the ranch, or in their vehicles!
  • There are NO designated smoking areas on the ranch! If you must smoke while visiting, exit the ranch property and do it on the dirt road! And please, pick up your butts!
  • Odors from smoking in buildings and vehicles can be smelled for about three months! Smokers don't usually notice this, but non-smokers do.
  • There are many other reasons to numerous to list here.
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    Information will be posted as it changes, or becomes available. Please check back.

    This page updated on 3 March 2021 @ 1146 Mountain

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