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Be a Rebel, EAT MEAT!

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HONEY, is for everything else!

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About the Ranch

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  • Ranch Owners Twila and JD, designed the Ranch Logo in the top left corner of this web site. JD's daughter hand drew and finished the design. Thank you Heather, for an excellent Logo! The Honey Bee was added to the logo on the web site and business cards in March 2020.
  • Our cattle brand, Rebel Ranch Brand (R E Bell) is issued by the Colorado Department of Agriculture, Brand Inspection Division and spoken as, "Rebel."
  • The Colorado Department of Agriculture authorized us to use their "Colorado Proud" logo to promote food and agriculture products that are grown, raised and processed on our Colorado ranch.

  • Ranch Membership:
  • ‣ Belted Galloway Society - Life Member
    ‣ Farmer Veteran Coalition
    ‣ Colorado State Beekeepers Association
    ‣ Colorado Farm Bureau
    ‣ Colorado Market Maker
    ‣ Fremont Cattlemen's Association (Fremont County Colorado)
    ‣ Beecheck Apiary Registry
    ‣ Driftwatch, Specialty crop (Apiary) site Registry
    ‣ Others too numerous to list here

  • Ranch Certifications:

  • FVC Member
    Farmer Veteran Coalition (FVC), "Homegrown by Heroes"

    Certifies Rebel Ranch products as, "Veteran owned and produced"

    ‣ At the appropriate times and depending on the price, we shall apply for additional certifications such as:

    US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Grass Fed
    American Grassfed Association (AGA) Grass Fed
    Humane Treatment
    Each certifying agency has different requirements, costs (some are very expensive) and time-lines to apply.

    We would like to apply for the "Organic Certification" for our beef cattle, but it requires using an Organic Certified processing facility (Butcher). There are several FDA inspected facilities within a reasonable driving distance of our ranch, but no Organic Certified facilities. Because we don't have access to an Organic Certified facility, we are not eligible to apply for the Organic Certification for our beef cattle. However, we ARE following ALL the other requirements of the Organic Certification.

  • Rebel Ranch is:
  • ‣ A Pesticide Free Zone!
    ‣ A Herbicide and Fungicide Free Zone!
    ‣ A Smoke and Drug Free Zone!
    ‣ Following prescribed Biosecurity Procedures!

  • The ranch Incorporated for tax reasons and is a small, Mom & Pop, Disabled Veteran owned operation. When items are available, sales shall be on-line, mail order and at local Farmers Markets. See our Sales page for additional information.
  • We are Cow-Calf and Transportation Certified by the Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) Program. In addition, JD has a Business Management degree and successfully completed additional college courses on Beekeeping, Beef Production, Cattle Management and related courses from other sources.
  • ALL visits to the ranch are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!

  • Rebel Ranch area map

    Old satellite photo of the Rebel Ranch.
    There are many changes since this photo.
    Click on image to see a larger image

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    Nestled in the foothills on the southern slope of Pikes Peak, Rebel Ranch is at 6,000 feet elevation, in a picturesque valley on 80 acres with pristine mountain air and views. The ranch is bordered on the East and South by the Beaver Creek State Wildlife Area. We are surrounded by mountains and hills on three sides; with beautiful red rock formations to the North, Sugar Loaf Mountain to the Northeast, Table Mountain to the East and majestic views of the 14,345 foot Sangre de Cristo Mountains to the West, approximately 75 miles away. Photo was taken from the future Ag building location.

    Click on photo to see a larger image.

    Sangre de Cristo Mountains
    Photo Copyright © by the ranch owner (photographer)
    Click on photo to see a larger image

    Our Belted Galloway cattle are also known as "Belties" and "Oreo cows". We follow the principals, guide lines and standards of the Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Organic Program for Livestock and the Ruminant Grassfed Standards of the USDA Grass Fed and American Grassfed Association (AGA). Our cattle are grass fed and grass finished, raised humanely, as naturally and stress free as possible on native grass pastures, with fresh clean water. With the exception of one cow, all of them including our bull, will eat from our hand and let us pet, scratch and brush them.

    Other than what is required by law, there are NO drugs, antibiotics, hormones, steroids or growth implants administered, unless directed by a veterinarian for the health of the animal.

    Our Belties are purebred, with registered bloodlines on file with the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation (CLRC)*1. Their feed, health, welfare and well-being are carefully monitored and in order to minimize disease transmission to them, we strictly adhere to the biosecurity*2 procedure designed for our ranch.

    *1 The CLRC registry is used by the Belted Galloway Society and many others world wide. See the Links page.
    *2 Opens in pop-up window

    Please see our, "Our Cattle" page for information on our ranch cattle, our "Benefits" page for why grass fed beef is healthier for you to eat than grain fed and our "Breed Information" page for more information on this awesome breed.

    Do you know how many stomachs cattle have? A lot of people are unaware that cattle have four stomachs and these stomachs and other organs are designed to digest grass. Following the requirements of the USDA and AGA "Grass Fed Certifications" and the fact that grass is healthier for cattle to eat, NO grain will be fed to our cattle; only mothers milk (calves before weaned), natural grass, natural grass hay and natural organic mineral supplements, all non-GMO! Some of the people who eat our beef have food allergies and are allergic to soy*3. Therefore, our cattle are SOY FREE and NEVER given products containing soy!

    *3 Soy is in most processed foods, check the labels. Soy and products containing soy, may cause health issues in humans and animals when consumed.

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    To supplement and increase the existing native grass, we seeded our pastures with a blend of eight (8) Native grass species specially formulated for this area. In addition, we seeded Dutch White Clover (flowering legume) for our honey bees in areas where the cattle can't go. Additional grass seed and species of legumes shall be added at a later date. The Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS) provided the Native grass seed list. [opens in pop-up window]

    Good pasture grass, legumes, ground cover and natural fertilizer are extremely important for soil health and grazing, including the ability of the ground to hold moisture and drain excess moisture without erosion. Only Natural Organic fertilizer is used on this ranch, NO Synthetics! Research on pasture grass, legumes and ground cover seed mixtures for this area, climate and elevation shall be on-going to find the best mix. Soil tests are conducted on a regular basis, with fertilizer application and adjustments made as indicated.

    Using Regenerative Agriculture, [opens in pop-up window] rotational grazing and with our on-going research and effort to improve the grass and soil health, our pastures will continue to improve. Additional grass, legumes and ground cover species could be added over time.

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    Honey Bee
    See our "Honey Bees" page for information about our Honey Bee Apiary.

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    Items for Sale

    Items currently available for sale are listed on our "Sales" page.
    Additional items shall be listed as they become available.

  • In the future after we build up our cattle herd, we plan to occasionally sell Belted Galloway meat (beef)*4 and live Belted Galloway cattle*5. However, these sales won't happen for a few years. The exact date depends on a lot of factors and will be posted on our Sales page as we get closer to that time.
  • *4 We schedule the state required "Brand Inspection" (livestock inspection) by the Colorado Department of Agriculture Brand Inspection Division, then transport the animal to the processing plant. You pay us our fee based on the hanging weight and our part of the transaction is completed. It's up to you if you want to divide the meat/cost with other people (quarter, half, etc), or keep it all for yourself. You tell the processor how you want the meat cut and pay them their processing fee. When you pick up your meat from the processor, it will be packaged and frozen.

    *5 We schedule the state required "Brand Inspection" (livestock inspection) by the Colorado Department of Agriculture Brand Inspection Division. You pay us; sign the required documents consisting of the Department of Ag paperwork (from the Brand Inspector), bill of sale and the Belted Galloway Society livestock transfer application form (to register the animal in your name, if it qualifies for registration). You will receive copies of the forms and the animal's original registration certificate (if registered). Then, transport your new Beltie home.

  • We are compiling "Granny's Rebel Ranch Cookbook."
  • ‣ In 1978, JD's Grandmother wrote a cookbook for family members and it's being updated with additional recipes and information.

    ‣ This book will contain many old family recipes handed down for generations; including the secret ingredients, new recipes created on the ranch and from family members, a section on smoking meat and other information.

    ‣ When published, "Granny's Rebel Ranch Cookbook" will be available for purchase on our Sales page.

    ‣ Unfortunately, it will take a while to finish the cookbook due to the time needed to build the new ranch infrastructure, clear and fence pastures, etc. (this work is in progress)

  • Natural honey from our ranch Bee hives, Bee's wax and related items will be posted on our Sales page, when available.
  • Our honey shall be:
    ‣ As it comes from the hive - Pure, with NO additives!
    ‣ Raw, NEVER heated!
    ‣ Unfiltered.
    Unfiltered, raw honey is MUCH healthier for you!

    Depending on container size, the number of servings will vary.
    The label above is from the FDA web site.

  • Pine nuts (from our trees) will be posted on our Sales page, when available.
  • Build your cactus garden! See our Sales page for additional information.
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    Wild Animals

    Because we border the Beaver Creek State Wildlife area; Mule deer, Elk, Wild Turkey, Mountain lion (also known as Cougar, Puma and by other names in various parts of the country), Bobcat, Bear, Fox, Coyote and other wild animals may be seen on the Rebel Ranch. There are even a few Roadrunners (birds) in the area, along with many different and colorful birds. Thankfully, there are no pole-cats! At least we haven't seen, or smelled Pepe Le Pew, yet...

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    Information will be posted as it changes, or becomes available. Please check back.

    Ranch construction phases (about page 2).

    This page updated on 9 October 2022 @ 0628 Mountain

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