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Ranch Construction

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Based on short, medium and long term planning and goals, these and additional Phases are scheduled over several years. Some of the Phases will be completed as quickly as possible; such as Phase 1, 2 and 3. Some Phases will be completed out of sequence, or renumbered and some will take a year, or longer to complete. Multiple Phases could be in progress at the same time and some items will be on-going, even after that Phase is completed. Additionally, new items could be placed into any existing, or new Phase and items already scheduled in a Phase, could be rescheduled and switched into another Phase.

As things progress, everything planned below could be modified, or change at any time. Completed Phase's are displayed for informational purposes and as items are completed, they are check marked. If they are only temporally completed (corral in temporary location), it's marked with a black check mark.

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Phase One - Completed:

A. Purchase Colorado property for the Rebel Ranch.

B. Design new ranch logo.

C. Incorporate for tax purposes.

D. Design and register new Colorado cattle brand (top right corner of this web site).

E. Purchase branding iron and related equipment.

F. Register URL and place Ranch web site on-line.

G. Additional items too numerous to list here.

Phase Two - Completed:

A. Housing on ranch (small temporary quarters).

B. Office on ranch.

C. Electricity (underground cable).

D. Land-line telephone (underground cable).

E. Ranch Security

1. Security system in ALL ranch buildings. As new buildings are constructed, the security system shall be installed in them.

2. Access roads, driveway and perimeter alarm system.

3. Video and audio monitoring system covering ranch gates, fence-line, corrals, working pens, access roads, calving areas, Apiary, wildlife trails, inside and outside of all buildings and other areas requiring surveillance. As new buildings and other items are constructed, the video and audio monitoring system shall be installed for them.

While on the ranch, remember to

You're on Rebel-Cam!

Video & Audio monitoring Legal Notice [opens in a pop-up window]

F. Additional items too numerous to list here.

Phase Three - Completed:

A. Blueprints for the small and large Ag buildings drawn.

B. Corral and working pens designed.

C. Pasture soil Testing [on-going]

Phase Four (in progress):

This Phase will take time, probably several years to clear and fence the entire 80 acres, especially with only one or two people doing a small section at a time.

A. Starting in the North East pasture, weeds, invasive plants, cactus and scrub brush will be cleared and re-cleared as they re-grow.

B. Install Ranch Fencing

1. Perimeter fence.
a. Wood posts every 20 feet, or less (posts are 8 feet by 6 inches).
b. Four wire fence consist of Barbed top and third wires, non-barbed second and bottom wires, spaced one foot above the ground and one foot apart. A fifth wire will be added at a later date if needed (everyone in the area is running 4 wire fences with their Angus cattle and horses).
c. Three wire electric fence, top, center and close to the bottom. If needed, a fourth wire will be added.
2. Sub-divided into multiple pastures/paddocks.
a. Wood posts every 100 feet with metal T-posts every 20 feet, or less (wood corner and end posts).
b. Wire fence, configured the same as B.1.b. above.
c. Electric fence, configured the same as B.1.c. above.
Anyone want to help with the pasture clearing and fence building?

C. Gates installed where needed.

D. Pastures will be fertilized, seeded and re-seeded as needed to improve the soil, grass, ground cover and grazing. All pastures are "No Till" and only natural fertilizer shall be used, NO synthetic fertilizer! [on-going]

Phase Five - Completed:

Depending on the temperatures, snow and ground conditions during the 2019/2020 winter months...

A. Small Ag building constructed.

B. Bee Enclosure

1. A secure, solar powered electric fence enclosure will be built to protect our bee hives from predators such as bears.

2. Bee hives set up inside the secure enclosure.

Phase Six - Completed:

A. Our cattle will arrive the end of May, or beginning of June (transported from their current location). The exact date depends on the grass, other considerations and will be determined as we get closer. [Completed 6 June 2020]

B. Plant Fruit trees (Apple, Cherry and Peach), Blackberry bushes, Concord grapes, wind-break trees, various flowering plants and wild flowers for the bees.

1. Additional windbreak and fruit trees have been ordered and shall be planted when they arrive.
2. Wildflower and Clover seeds shall be sown.

Anyone want to help with the planting?

C. Honey Bees installed into their hives. [Completed 2 May 2020]

Phase Seven (Summer 2021):

A. Corral and working pens constructed. (Now in temporary location with metal panels)

B. Squeeze chute purchased and installed. (Temporary location)

Phase Eight (Summer/Fall 2021) - Completed:

Loafing shed (2 sides, back wall and roof) will be constructed in the winter pasture as shelter for the cattle from the elements (if they want to use it), as well as temporary calving shelter (when needed and if they want to use it).

Phase Nine (Future date):

A. The large Ag building will be constructed.

B. The Ranch House blueprints will be drawn (big house).

C. Irrigation.

D. Additional items to numerous to list here.

Phase Ten (Future date):

A. Expand Honey bee Apiary with additional hives.

B. Cattle guards installed in several locations.

A "Cow Stop" Reusable Form, from Cattle Guard Forms is used to make a better and safer HS-20 certified cattle guard out of concrete. "Professional Engineer Certified to be able to handle demanding load requirements set forth by the DOT, USFS, NP, BLM and US Military."

"HS-20 certification is rated at 32,000 lbs per axle."

I can make as many cattle guards as I need from this reusable form. It's much less expensive and easier to install than ordering and installing an old style metal guard. This way, we're only spending a few hundred dollars on each cattle guard, instead of thousands. With the savings on the first cattle guard, the reusable form pays for itself!

Phase Eleven (Future date):

A. Additional out-buildings and loafing sheds will be constructed as needed.

B. Water and electric

1. Electric trenched to well. [Completed August 2020]

2. Replace well pump. [Completed May 2021]

3. Electric and water trenched to key locations in the pastures where water troughs will be installed (heated in winter). Depending on the location (distance from breaker box), solar power will be used for the winter water heaters. Until the water lines are trenched, water will be hauled in.

Phase Twelve (future date):

The big Ranch House will be built (permanent quarters)

On-going Phase:

A. Weeds, invasive plants, cactus and scrub brush clearing
B. Soil Testing
C. Pasture fertilization, as needed
D. Pasture seeding, as needed
E. Fence repair
F. Ranch upkeep & repairs
G. Ranch web site updates
H. Research
I. Biosecurity procedures reviewed, update as needed
J. Additional items too numerous to list here

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Additional information will be posted as it changes, or becomes available. Please check back.

This page modified 21 September 2021 @ 1030 Mountain

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